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How To Know If You Should Take Her Serious

Of recent I have seen relationships where the partners are not given much time to prove themselves. Alot of guys are not willing to even think of going more than some few months in the relationship... Once the apple have been bitten in all direction,satisfied,they zoom off. 

Commitment. Alot of ladies find commitments scary while you as the guy want something different, something strong and original. 

Some will say you can't blame them while some will argue it's immoral to get a lady into a relationship only to have a few bites off her and leave while the said lady is already fantasizing about a marriage or something strong for the relationship. 

Alot of guys have been dished out some harsh reality... A guy realizes he has a been a rebound all the time..someone is using them to escape some heartbreak pain and the funny thing is, this very heartbreak victim will still get confused and act confused whenever her ex is around. Heart break looms for the immediate boyfriend.

In as much some guys will say when you hustle and make that money, build that dream house, get that dream car and live that comfortable life .. Girls will come after you, any girl of choice. I know alot of lady agree to this, what am even saying, alot of ladies want this. Deep down any guy will want someone who is with them because they love them for real not because of what they posses. 

So I am going to be giving out guide as a guy on how to know if you should take that relationship or that lady serious. 

A Party Freak 

Some ladies will argue "this was how you met me, now you have me and want to change me"

The truth is, a lady who is ready to take a relationship or the man in it serious will do anything to adjust her ways ,cut down some of her extreme dealings. 

Ms Independent

There's nothing bad about being independent in a relationship but there's always a line to everything. For instance, a lady that wants everything to still be on her terms without any form of compromise can't be considered as someone who is serious and should be taken serious in a relationship 

Avoids futuristic talk

For me, why would I want to be in a relationship without the intention of taking it to the next level... Let say I'm pretending to be what I'm not.. Talking about it will make you think I have you in my future plans. A lady who avoids futuristic talk about the relationship lacks commitments and don't want to shoot herself in the leg. 

Avoids Introducing You To Friends And Family 

My first relationship, there was this time my then girlfriend was having her hair done at this saloon.. I asked to come around which she agreed to.. On getting there, midway she called me to stay where I was that she will meet me up. Weeks later, her sister told me she never wanted me around because her friend will laugh at her for dating me. I felt bad but moved on. A lady who will look for any excuse to keep the relationship a secret is someone to be wary of. 

Dodges Dates

A lady who always dock you after agreeing on going out with you or atleast taking a stroll with you on every request is some one who shouldn't be taken serious. They only agree to dates or terms if it's beneficial.

Conclusively, there other bunch of ways to know if you should take a lady serious or the relationship. These ones above are enough to start while other impending reason are subjective and can't be discussed inclusively on this post. As per that I will be keeping you updated on other signs to look out for in a lady you intend to date. 

Thanks for taking your time to read my content and you are free to share your opinion. And please like and share the post. 

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