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His Warmth While Attending To My Toothache, Instantly Tickled Me & I Knew I Wanted Him - Lady

From visiting the hospital for an emergency to finding that one person your heart beats for, was the case for Temitope when she met a young handsome doctor.

According to Temitope's narrative:

Sometime in March 2015, I was transferred from the School Health Centre to LUTH following a severe toothache that left a part of my fave swollen and tender.

While I was in severe pain waiting to be attended to, a doctor finally came in and said "Temitope, please come in" for a moment I forgot about my toothache, raised my face to see the Doctor that couldn't add "miss" at least to my name. I stood up and followed him behind, nevertheless.

While he attended to my tooth, I was mesmerized by his warmth, and I got wondering how a human could have so much positive aura around him. He was so sweet and in my head, I was already figuring out what being his girlfriend will feel like. From nowhere, I became jealous of the girl in his life, crazy right?

Well, after that consultation, I returned for a review with the intent to have him to myself. Unfortunately, I was directed to meet another doctor but I didn't let that stop my mission.

I still went in search of him after the review and found him at his department, we exchanged pleasantries but I noticed he didn't recall my face because my swollen face had gone back to normal and I, of course, looked prettier than when he first met me and I was in pains. I reintroduced myself to him, it was then he recollected my face.

From there, we got talking and the rest is history, mission accomplished! I have him all to myself now and I still stare at him recounting how blessed I am. He is truly what God says "Love" is.

Source/Images Credit: Bellanaijaweddings

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