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Reply SMAN Member Gave Girl Who Asked Him For Airtime

It is common knowledge that a particular group known as the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria has really made the internet hot these days. From observations, these people don't give out any form of financial assistance to people, mostly girls.

They formed the habit of eating alone and keeping to themselves only all that they have. People however find this group really funny as lots of their posts have gotten lots of attractions on social media.

To that effect, i stumbled upon a short but funny post on Facebook. The post was made by a Facebook user whose profie name is Sunshine and is just a screenshoted chat of a guy who happened to be a SMAN P.R.O gave to a girl who asked him for airtime.

The guy gave her a rather stunning answer which got lots of reactions on Facebook. See the screenshot of the post below.

Image Source: Facebook

As you would expect, many flooded the comments section expressing their laughter oveon't forget to like, share and follow for more awesome updates.

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SMAN Stingy Men Association of Nigeria Sunshine


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