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The 13 Things You Should Know About Your Ex-lover.

Being in love with someone special is always a sweet thing but most times this sweetness turns out to be tears and regrets.

In this article, I'm going to reveal somethings you should know, also should not do after breaking up with your ex-lover.

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1) After the painful break up with your lover, don't think of going back to him or her because of the pleasure you guys had shared together in bed. Going back because of the pleasure will not restore the union to a better position.

2) Create a strong boundary between you and your formal lover. Without creating this boundary, anything can happen because of the past sweet memories you guys had shared together.

3) If you want to go into another relationship or get married to someone else, you have to know what happened in their recent relationship or marriage, is your right to know. This will save you from getting hurt again.

4) Before you fall in love with someone else after your break up, is very much important to be certain that there is nothing common between you and your formal lover. Be sure that you are not going to be used or in the process of you trying to maintain a balance between you and your formal lover, you then destroy your new relationship.

5) Stay away from any channel of communication you maybe having with your formal lover. The reason is that if you continue communicating with him or her, you can be carried away with the love you guys shared together before the break and this will definitely hurt your current partner, thereby destroying your union. Let your commitment, focus, loyalty, trust and faithfulness only be channelled to your new lover.

6) Since you are no longer with your formal lover, stop telling your present partner how much care, attention, protection, love, and submission you received from your formal lover. It is hurtful and this means that your formal lover is better than your present partner and if truly your formal lover is better, you shouldn't have broken up.

7) The way in which you present your formal lover to your present partner has a lot to do with the emotional security and insecurity of your present partner in your new relationship or marriage. This simply means that you should minimize how you talk about your formal lover in the present and absence of your present partner.

8) You may have a child(ren) with your formal lover and for the well-being of the child Which the both of you will later enjoy, you then reached an agreement to take care of the child support together, let everything you will do be based only on the child support. Be truthful and mindful with the feeling of your present lover to avoid bringing issues that will cause damage to your relationship.

9) It is possible that between you and your formal lover, one of you can get married before the other. Don't go back to your vomit, avoid dwelling on the past memories. Don't accept to be tempted to call him or her on the phone to start saying things like "I missed you, I want to see you again, I want to see your face, I want to have you inside me again, I love you." It will definitely do more harm than good to the both of you.

10) There should be no competition between you and your ex-lover. Don't tell him or her how good you have become after the break up. Don't spread your pictures on social media for them to see that you are enjoying with your current partner because this will leave you distracted and as well make you to lose focus in life.

11) Stay away from anything that will make you to still be dwelling on the past memories of your relationship. Move on with your life, delete his or picture from your phone, unfriend him or her from Facebook and any other social media platforms. It will safe you the trauma of heartache incurred when a relationship or marriage fail. The fact is that it will not be easy, but you can do it if you really want to do it. 

12) Friends And Family may try to bring you guys together again but if you wholly know that you can't continue to endure with that same problem that caused the break up, don't go back because the problem will still occur again.

For example, you broke up because he is a womanizer and has told you that he will change or that he has changed, it is impossible because those his girlfriends are still alive and this will make the cheating to continue. If you can't cope with the cheating lifestyle, there is no need to go back because he will hurt you again.

13) Maybe he is the type that can beat his woman to a comma and will not care if you survive or not, due to this reason you decided to run for your life, don't go back even if his family and friends came to beg you to come back because that same mindset and lifestyle are still with him. The beating will continue when you go back.

Remember, your life can still go on without your ex-lover. If it is impossible, the breakup doesn't occur.

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