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5 Things Every Lady Expects From a Man She's Dating.

Good day readers, today we will be discussing about women and what they want from men. Women are funny creatures, you never know what is going on deep inside them and they speak in parables.

Women can be described as the definition of irony, they behave and talk the opposite way. A woman would want something from you but would pretend not to. They tend to speak and act in the opposite way. Most ladies who about that they can't collect money from their boyfriends are the exact ones who love money.

1. Care: The dream of every woman is to date a man who cares about them. Ladies catch emotions a lot and that's why a man who cares is the best for them. However, men who care a lot are rare. Men don't watch love movies unlike women, they don't read romance novels unlike women too. So don't expect men to care too much! However, a woman would always want a man who cares.

2. Love: Ladies go around looking for someone to love. They want someone they would love and someone who would love them the same. However, some people already lost interest in love. They have been heartbroken and this made them believe there's nothing called love. However, ladies want someone who would love them more than they can ever imagine. One of the best feelings in the world is that of being loved.

3. Money: I am sure some would insult me for this but this is the bitter truth. There is a difference between a lady wanting money from you and being a gold digger. Ladies don't date poor men today. Some people lost their relationship because they were jilted for someone richer. If you are a lady, ask yourself this, can you date someone who isn't rich? It's not about being rich but who doesn't have enough money. Trust me if you had money in your relationship, it would have been sweeter.

4. Attention: Most ladies love to be given attention to. Give your woman attention and make others jealous. They all love it!

5. Romantic: Don't be too serious and stuff! Ladies love someone who would always crack jokes, disturb them, hug them etc. Some men are just too formal, ladies don't like that. They like men who say some 'dirty talks' once in a while.

Ladies am I communicating?

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