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3 Things Every Woman Crave For In Relationships

There are certain things every woman desires when in a relationship. No doubt, women are the most emotional and soft beings, but most men tend to lack the ability to infiltrate their women because something more crucial than understanding is lacking in their relationships. This is the real reason why most women don't open up to their men easily.

Although men and women are different entities, what makes or mars relationship is the lack of understanding between partners.

However, every woman desires something special, something more than love from their men, read between the lines as I will show you how you can gain full access to your woman.

Below are the three most important things women crave in a relationship.

1. To be taken care of:

This is one of the biggest desires of every woman and, it is the easiest way to access a woman. Women naturally don't want to suffer, they want a man who can take good care of them, caress them and treat them nicely. When you do this for your woman, you are a step closer to penetrating her fully. Caress her with maximum affection and watch out how she will love and respect you like a king.

2. To be highly loved and respected:

Women naturally yearn to be valued and respected. When they don't get the desired love and respect, it becomes difficult for a man to access them.

Well, it is all about having respect for one another and respecting boundaries. It's about respecting each other's personal spaces.

It's about not testing the limits just to see how far you can push her before she breaks. It's about understanding that her, being okay with your female friends does not mean you can play around with other ladies. It's as simple as loving, respecting and, valuing her.

3. A man that's emotionally stable:

This is another most important thing women crave in a relationship. They want a man who spurs them to action and can satisfy their emotional needs. Sometimes, money is not the ultimate thing, all it takes is your ability to satisfy their s3xual and emotional desires makes the difference. That is the kind of man every woman desires. 

This is why most women choose to stay in a toxic relationship. Because their emotional needs are satisfied in the relationship.

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