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Reasons why guys notice when a girl stop texting them

I have to be truthful and acknowledge that when you stop texting guys, it has tremendous capacity to make them miss you.

This is something I would suggest to anyone who has a pattern of chasing after guys or texting too much.

1. It hurts their ego

I’ll be the first to admit that most guys are ego driven to some extent.

As much as I want to portray myself as someone who is humble, the mistakes and poor reactions throughout my life would paint a picture of a young man or boy who allowed his ego to rule his decision in some key moments.

The ego may be large but it’s fragile like a glass bowl. 

It can’t withstand a strong shot and when you stop texting guys who you once chased, their ego can’t handle the fact that they can be forgotten and left.

It’s very easy for the ego to paint a false picture that we might be so amazing that nobody would just walk away once they see our value.

But, in real life, that is not true. So, when you stop texting guys who aren’t interested in you or who treat you poorly, their ego will get hurt. 

2. They didn’t realize how valuable you are

I’ve noticed that true worth is something only perceived after it’s lost. And this is something a lot of guys will attest to.

They don’t realize just how amazing someone is until that person walks out of their life.

When it occurs, they fall into a pit of despair, shock and pain. 

And this is one of the reasons why a guy will notice when you stop texting them.

He has been so blinded by your effort that only once it’s removed with the void in his life reveals the value of your presence.

3. They start doubting their own desirability and choice

This goes hand in hand with hurting their ego but when you can walk away from a guy who doesn’t respect or give you the time of day, it plants a seed of doubt in their mind.

Instead of walking around with this air of arrogance, they start to wonder whether you actually felt strongly about them or if you were actually not interested.

This is great because it shifts some of the power back into your side of the court.

Now, instead of being the one who was being rejected, ignored, ghosted or treated poorly, you’re the one who walked away and withdrew all your attention and affection.

This means that they will have to make an effort and reach out if they hope to get you to text them again.

Stop texting him for a short while and make a note of his behavior. If he reaches out or tries to get you to text him again, then it’s quite obvious that not texting him had a positive effect. 

If he makes no effort to get in contact with you again, then we know, with certainty, that you were wasting your time with this guy and he didn’t really care about you.

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