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5 Signs Your Ex Is Pretending To Get Over You

How can you be sure your ex pretending to get over you is just an act? What are the signs that your ex is pretending to get over you? If a person wasn't in favor of a break, it's because they did not handle the news well. When they appear receptive to the idea of separating despite previous attempts to salvage the relationship, it might be that your ex is trying to get your attention.

In this article, we will be revealing to you some signs your ex is pretending to get over you.

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1) Blaming you

Placing all the blames in one court is a sign that your ex feels that things could have been resolved. They blame you for giving up on the relationship.

2) Continuous flirting

Another significant sign your ex is pretending to get over you is when they initiate a playful banter with you. When she is constantly flirting and complimenting you is a great clue, as they might be an attempt to replicate the past. It shows that your ex has not moved on emotionally.

3) Sabotaging you

When your ex sees you dating another person, jealousy can ultimately set in, particularly when there are signs your ex is pretending to be over you. Likely, your ex will begin to show up in places you go to sabotage the new relationship.

4) Not mentioning the breakup

If your ex is not mentioning the breakup in a few conversations with them. It means your ex is genuinely struggling and pretending to get over you.

5) Trying to make you jealous

You will find your ex isn't over you when you see the person out or on social media, making broad attempts shortly after the split to let you know they have started a new life. It's a sign your ex is pretending to get over you.

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