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Read this if you want to be wise

Good and blessed morning to you all

Lets go straight to it..

Just read with total focus.

You are not where you want to be... 

So you are feeling like you are supposed to be somewhere else? 

I totally understand where you are coming, I've been there.. 

But let me tell you something or perhaps ask you a question : 

If you could snap your fingers and appear immediately / instantly and be wherever you wanted to be... 

I bet you, you would still feel this way, this way of : I'm not in the right place(trust me).. 

What is he talking about? 

Let me bring my point out better:

In life, you can not or you should not be so hung up on where you would rather be that you forget totally how to make the best use of: •where you are…

  • who you are.. 

•what you have …

•who you have. 

Please friend, yes you. 

Please, take a break from the worries about what you can not control.. 

Just, live a little.. 

Yes, LIVE.. 

Start today. 

Start right now... 


Do have a wonderful and smilefilled day.. 


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