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Are you really a feminist or a hypocrite

Feminism has become a very controversial topic in nigeria mostly because of the misconceptions attributed to it.

Feminism in Nigeria has been reduced to refusing to kneel at your traditional marriage because you think it only shows Male supremacy,refusing to cook for your husband and kids,or even something as irrelevant as insisting on opening car doors yourself

I think until Nigerians can fully understand the movement called feminism and what it entails,the word feminist should be replaced with "I AM ME" and i should be allowed to do what seems right to me and not what society or a particular group of people think I should do

When I say I'm a feminist it should mean I fight for women to be given equal opportunities as men,it should mean I fight against child marriages and child rape, but I am considered a hypocrite when as a feminist I kneel at my traditional marriage or I let my boyfriend or husband open a car door for me

I think the movement in Nigeria should be called I AM ME AND NOT I AM A FEMINIST,because quite frankly i dont think anyone can fit into criteria and standards set by the so called "nigerian feminist"

When I say I am me,I can fight for women's right and equality in the morning and still come back home to take care of my husband and kids,I can preach all day that women are as strong and ambitious as men and should be allowed to pursue their dreams and at night I can come home and allow myself to be pampered by my husband

People especially women should stop attributing feminism with simple everyday chores like cooking and cleaning,being a good wife has nothing to do with feminism,I know families where a woman cooks,cleans and does the laundry and a man also does the same,it has nothing to do with insisting you have equal rights with your man and everything to do with the fact that you guys have an understanding

Women should understand that all men are not the same,some men will help with chores and some wont,now you can either talk to your man and try to get him to see your point or you can divorce him on the grounds that you are feminist and you deserve better.

Now people may get tired of saying I am a feminist because the word feminist has already been wrongly defined here in nigeria and I dont think its possible to check all the boxes that comes with feminism in Nigeria

So instead of saying I am a feminist, say I am me because I believe each day we either discover some hidden parts of ourselves or we drop some behaviours that used to define us but now causes more harm than good

And I am of the view that instead of saying i am a feminist with doubts in your heart, you can simply say I am me and i can be whoever i want to be

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