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My fiance's Dad says over his dead body will I marry his son because I dated him in the past - Lady

When you hide lots of secrets from your fiance it might come back to haunt you which will definitely be an unpleasant one.

This is exactly what a lady is passing through presently, as she says her fiance father has decided not to bless her marriage to his son because of what transpired between them in the past.

The worried lady made her predicament known on a Facebook group known as "Marriage Without Tears".

According to the lady, she had an affair with the father of his fiance a while ago before meeting him. Three months ago, her fiance decided to propose to her and she gladly accepted.

Emphatically, the issue now is her fiance father has met her, and decided over his dead body will his son marry her. To even make matter worse the father of her fiance even invited her over to his house and according to her he wants them to continue with their illicit affair from where they stopped.

As it stands now she is totally befuddled and doesn't know how to go about the precarious situation.

For this reason, she decided to share her problems with the Facebook group to see if they will profer solution for her.

Below is what she shared.

What she really wants from matured minds in the group is an urgent advice as she begs them not to judge her.

The question that needs urgent advice is;

Should she tell her fiance about the affair with his father or ignore the father of her fiance and continue to fight the battle of marrying him?

This are the questions begging for an urgent advice from members of the Facebook group.

What advice do you think you can give her in this dicy situation of which she once had an affair with the father of her fiance?

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Marriage Without Tears


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