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Husband and wife relationship

3 Ways You Can Make Your Wife To Have Zero Regret For Getting Married To You

Irrespective of social, religious, tribal, academic, financial status of a lady, every lady has one earnest desire - to feel complete and fulfilled for ever making the decision of accepting the marriage proposal of her partner. Sadly, though, reverse is the case for some married ladies, due to the feeling of regrets they feel in their marriages.

Marriage may not be a bed of roses but even at that, one should at least look back and confidently say, "I am glad I married my wife/ husband". The way a man treats his wife will to a large extent tell what kind of feeling she should feel - regrets or fulfilment, sadness or joy, laughter or tears etc.

Nonetheless, regardless of the individual differences that exist among most ladies, there are certain ways all women can be pleased with the man they chose as a husband. As a married man, you can make your wife have zero regrets via the following ways;

1. Through act of service.

Act of service entails what you do for your wife to assist her, so as to make her engagements less stressful and demanding. If your wife is in the kitchen, you can join her and give her a helping hand in any possible way you can. You can also assist her with laundry and house chores. Anything that she would have possibly done by herself that you assist her with fall under the category of act of service. Those displays would make her feel loved, cared for and blessed.

2. Through appreciation.

One thing that married women would want to frequently receive from their husbands but don't is appreciation. No matter how little the things she may have for and with you in your marriage are, appreciate her. If she washes your clothes, appreciate her. If she cooks and serves you food, show her appreciation. Whatever she may help you to take care of should be followed by appreciation from you. Aside feeling cherished, it will also make her to be encouraged to continue doing more for you. Do away with any entitlement habit you may have.

3. Through faithfulness.

Among other expectations, every married lady wish to see her husband faithful to her. Your wife expects you to love her and her alone without sharing you with another lady. There is no lady that would not feel blessed knowing fully well that she has a man in her life who have devoted his time to stick to only her. One thing that makes some married ladies regret is facing the reality of their husbands' unfaithfulness towards her.

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