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Ladies, Here are 6 Ways You Can Make Your Boyfriend Happy

Ladies if you really believe that it is only a guy that is suppose to be the one to make you happy, then you must be kidding. For a relationship to be perfect and last longer, both parties will have to have their own roles to play.

You should not allow the guy play his own role and you stay and enjoy without showing your own commitment to the relationship. Although some ladies know that they should do this, they don't know ways to make their boyfriend happy.

In this article, I will be listing out 6 ways you can make your boyfriend happy.

1. Tell him how you feel

Guys no doubt love pet words. They love when you say things like I love you because you are funny, I love you because you are ... depending on the reason why you love him.

Because guys are always the ones that say this type of things, when you say it to them, they feel very happy and special.

2. Compliment him

When he puts on a handsome looking attire, tell him that he looks good. Just like guys compliment their ladies when they look stunning. Also compliment your men when they look amazing.

3. Give him attention

Another important thing guys love a lot is attention. They are really happy when they notice that their ladies can't live a day without having a time when she will Mark out for them.

4. Buy him stuffs he likes

It is not every time, he will be the one to go and buy stuffs for you. If you are an independent working class lady, you can try as much as your capacity can carry to buy your guy what he loves best.

Is it clothes, shoes or game pads, try to get them for him, he will no doubt be happy.

5. Trust him

When you start a relationship with a guy, don't start at once to bring up suspicions and become a watching dog of his life. Try give him some benefit of doubt.

The only time you can monitor him like that is if he has broken your trust before.

6. Take him Out

Though some guys don't like this as it makes them look incapable, some do like it as well. They feel like ladies who do this are wife material and can really spend her money to keep the family going when they are not capable.

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