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I Badged Into My Boyfriend’s Room And Here Is What I Found (Fiction)

I had to gather the strength to narrate my ordeal and I hope people learn a thing from my story.I am heartbroken as it is and confused at the same time.I am just 21 years of age and according to people’s complements,I consider myself to be a very beautiful young lady,and when ever I look in the mirror,I thank God for his greatness. Light in complexion,straight thing legs and a body blessed with figure 8,Oh, believe me I am very attractive.

I met my boyfriend when i got admission into the university,very handsome and caring.Our love story caused a lot of headache to some girls that are interested in him not because of his handsomeness but because he has a lot of money,according to him,he is from a rich family.I never suspected anything and I have been waiting for the day to follow him to his house so as to meet his parents.He doesn’t stay around school,he will drive from home down to school,spend some quality time with me and then return home.Then I decided to surprise him one day, a day to his birthday I decided to follow his car secretly to know his house so that I can show up with gifts on his day.

Misson accomplished,I followed him to a modern 4 bedroom flat,painted in all white,I couldn’t wait for the second day to show up with the gifts.I ordered a cake for him,I went shopping and did all necessary stuffs that would make him happy.Now on his day,I woke up early and had my bath,I prepared everything and off I go.On getting there,I never bothered to knock the door and I just barge in to surprise him.To my greatest surprise I met my boyfriend with a Laptop on his laps,with some voodoo on his neck and a calabash on the table,i dropped the cake and couldn’t say a word.He has been taking care of me with this money.

Please advice me,should I leave him or not? He cater for me a lot and he doesn’t seem like evil,but I can’t just ignore his job,I need your advice in the comment box and don’t forget to like and follow.

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