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6 tips to win the battle against sexual routine and spice up your sexual life with your partner

Keep alive the passion and sexual desire is one of the essential components for the relationship of a couple is kept stable for a long time. Of course, it is not the only aspect that influences, but winning the battle over sexual routine is important.

When the couple is in its early stages, this area works in the best way and it seems very easy to innovate. However, as time passes, it also usually falls into monotony and is often the cause of the imbalance in the relationship.

And, the truth is, for many it is not easy to give them the necessary attention due to the multiple occupations they have during the day. The children , work and lack of privacy in the home are factors that influence their decline.

Fortunately, sex is a field of so many possibilities that any time is perfect to enjoy it in the best way. This time we want to share 6 key tips to end the battle against sexual routine. Dare to put them into practice!

1. Improve communication

When a couple does not have good communication on the subject of sexuality, it is very difficult for them to innovate and experience the things they really want. Feeling afraid of rejection or modesty prevents creating the confidence necessary for both of you to feel comfortable trying something new.

It is not a matter of establishing a dialogue to criticize or highlight some defect of the other. The idea is that both communicate feelings and feel safe to formulate proposals to win the battle against sexual routine.

2. Find a different space

It doesn't always have to be in bed or in the room. Many cannot imagine how exciting it can be to try it in another part of the house or, better yet, outside it.

At this point, complicity plays a very important role , since it is the one that will help them feel safe to do it in the least expected place.

3. Prepare a blind date

It seems like a very cliche way to surprise, but the truth is that it is still a romantic and fun experience for couples . It can be an escape to a different destination, preferably that the other person does not know.

This will give you more emotion and awaken the passion that has been lost. Of course, every detail of the appointment matters: the decoration, the site and even the delicacies that you want to enjoy in the moments before the action.

4. Adding a little fantasy is key to winning the battle against sexual routine

We all have sexual fantasies, but we rarely dare to fulfill them with our partner. What's wrong with it? It is very normal and is the perfect excuse to end the monotony and win the battle against the sexual routine.

Sex games, fetishes and all those crazy things we have in mind can be done with a little mischief and good communication. For this it is worth taking advantage of accessories such as edible underwear, erotic toys or oils and massages.

5. Surprise any day

It is likely that he or she will come every day from work and find their partner watching television. Maybe in pajamas or doing any daily chores. The safest thing is that everything continues as every day and they will end up going to bed to sleep. Identified?

If so, the time has come to change. Without prior notice, although with the certainty that you will arrive home that day, choose a good wine, prepare the room with a romantic atmosphere and choose the most sensual items. This surprise is usually quite exciting and represents a great way to get out of stress and routine.

6. Do it without haste

Sexual intercourse does not have to become a repetitive and boring act. To wake up the libido it is decisive to play with the preliminaries and take enough time to excite the partner.

The kisses , caresses and stimulation of the erogenous zones will enjoy a full and exciting encounter. This moment can also be used to express desire and all those new things that you want to try.

Of course, there are many other ways to get out of the routine to enjoy good sex. It all depends on your creativity and the confidence you have to put aside your fears.

Content created and supplied by: dr_chysom (via Opera News )


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