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Four Things Some Guys Do That Push Women Away From Them

Nobody wants an unhealthy relationship but at times the things you do might eventually harm the relationship. For instance, women love guys that lead, but maybe because you love your partner and you don't want any argument with her, you allow her to decide what happens every time. You have put her in the wrong position and it is not good for her, you, and the relationship.

In this article, you will learn things that push women away from men.

1. Allowing her to lead: Women are genetically programmed to follow and not lead in relationships. If you put the leadership position on her and things don't work out as planned, she might not be able to handle the situation. She wants a man that can lead. This doesn't mean you should be domineering, you just have to learn to be assertive. She will love you for it. Ask for her opinions but use your discretion in deciding. 

2. Chasing after her: women are attracted to things that are hard to get. When you are a man of value, you won't need to chase her before she reveals her interest in you. Chasing her shows neediness and desperation which are attraction killers. When she is not showing interest, don't chase her, take things easy and she will find you attractive. This doesn't mean you should give up, just don't be desperate.

3. Stressing over a relationship: You can't force a woman to go into a relationship with you. Instead of stressing over a relationship, make her your friend. When she's your friend, the opportunity to see the positive side of you will be there. Making her a friend will make her comfortable with you before bringing up a relationship. On the other hand, if you stress about a relationship from the beginning, you might push her away.

4. Being negative: What women want is fun and not unnecessary drama. When she observes that you are negative every time, she might be pushed away. There is nothing to gain when you complain or criticize every time.

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