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How To Tell If A Girl Is Missing You

It is a normal thing for one to miss someone he or she loves. When you miss someone, you really love the person. If a girl, for instance has a boyfriend, there will be a time when she will begin to miss him, especially if they are not close. This happens majorly in long distance relationships.

If your girlfriend misses you, she may or may not tell you orally. Sometimes, guys find it difficult to know when their girlfriends miss them. This is the problem this article stands to solve. Therefore, below are ways to know if your girlfriend truly misses you.

1. If she tells you often.

Are you in a long distance relationship? Or did you or your girlfriend just travelled out to a different country, state or region? The best and easiest way to know if your girlfriend truly misses you is if she says it often.

For a girl to open her mouth and say that she misses you, she must have truly missed you. You have to believe your girlfriend whenever she says that she misses you for it is the best way she can prove that to you.

2. If she says that she is lonely.

Your girlfriend will begin to miss you when she is lonely. That is, if she truly loves you. In this case, there is no doubt that she is thinking about you.

If your girlfriend tells you that she is lonely, obviously, she is missing you. It is a clear sign that she misses you.

3. If she calls you for no reason.

Your girlfriend misses you if she calls you for no reason. If she misses you, she will always want to speak with you. Most times, she won't have anything to discuss with you, yet she calls.

4. If she thinks about you or mentions your name aloud in her sleep.

This is a good way to know if your girlfriend misses you. If she does, she will think about you regularly. Her thoughts will be filled with your memories, the memories you had or shared together before the distance was created. She will think about your first kiss, first romance and how romantic it was when you first engaged in lovemaking.

In some occasions, she will think about you in her sleeps. She might even see you in her dreams and she might also talk about you or mention your name aloud in the course of her sleep.

5. Her voice will change.

When your girlfriend begin to miss you, you will notice it in her voice. Her voice will change a bit, not for bad though, but it will sound very romantic. She will bring down her voice so low that you will begin to enjoy the sound of it. If this happens, she misses you.

6. If you miss her calls more than twice.

Normally, we understand that people can be busy, so they would not always be available to pick up our calls. For that reason, you are permitted not to call someone more than twice unless it is very important and urgent. This is also applicable in relationships.

Your girlfriend is not supposed to call you more than twice at a spot. But when you see her several missed calls, it is a sign that she misses you. Sometimes, when you call back, you will discover that she called for no good reason. She was only missing and thinking about you.

7. If you stay longer than usual on calls or video calls.

Have you ever slept off while speaking to your girlfriend on the phone, whether voice call or video call? This happens when you speak to her over the phone for a very long time. The feeling of affection and love will not allow you to end the call. You will be on the calls until both of you doze off. This is a sign that she misses you.

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If your girlfriend shows the above signs, she misses you.

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