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5 Morning Exercises To Improve Lovemaking

You can only do so much to improve your physical intimacy techniques, but did you know that exercise is one of them? You may know your love drive to the next level with these few exercises.

1. Walking

According to Harvard research, 30 minutes of daily walking can reduce the incidence of erectile dysfunction in men. A separate study found that this moderate exercise can help middle-aged, obese men avoid erectile problems.

2. Happy Body Pose

This Yoga stance is fantastic for opening up your pelvic region and making intimacy more enjoyable. After all, having flexible hips and inner thigh muscles makes things much easier. All of the vital muscles surrounding your hips, back, and pelvis will loosen up, allowing you to have loads of fun without the agonizing pain of tight muscles.

3. Hinge

This activity will strengthen your core and lower back, as well as teach you how to angle your body just right to offer him easier access to all of your pleasure regions.

4. Squats

This particular exercise boosts blood circulation throughout your legs and waist, which improves blood flow to your genitalia. However, increased blood circulation leads to nice body system. So do more squats to improve your libido.

5. Plank Hold

Nothing beats a Plank Hold for increasing core strength. This is an excellent exercise for men who want to improve their love life because staying in this posture will give them more strength for missionary work. It is also a wonderful workout for women, as strengthening their lower back, and other parts of their body can help them have more control over their moves during physical intimacy.

Credible Source: Journal of Fitness Today; Couples Addicts book by Dr. McKesson, Switzerland.

Are there more exercises to improve intimacy that you can think of? By leaving a comment, you can participate in the discussion.

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