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"This is Different" See What A Man Was Spotted Wearing During His White Wedding, That Got Attention

There is an saying that goes like this "A man's food is Another man's Poison" which means everybody has the freedom to do what he is she likes. In other words some people do things knowing why is done like that, but because the see other people doing it.

There is a picture which is currently trending online, showing two beautiful couples getting Wedded, but what shocked everyone was the cloth of the man. He decided to be different and he definitely looked unique and different.

Instead of wearing the popular ‘Suit and Tie’ that most men put on during their church/white wedding, this Southeastern man takes his bride to the altar wearing the Igbo traditional ‘Isi Agụ’ attire. 

From reports the wedding took place in the Roman Catholic Church, as we see from the pictures how the Reverend father is uniting them as husband and wife.

However, one significant thing observed during the church proceedings is that — the groom took off his traditional ‘Nze’ cap but wore his blue traditional ‘Isi Agụ’ dress all through the occasion.

But the lady was wearing the normal white gown other ladies wore during white weddings. From the pictures she also looked so pretty.

In the Igboland, ‘Isi-Agu’ literally translates to “lion's head”. Apparently, the lion’s head prints are adorned on fabrics of varying colours to make the Isi-Agu traditional outfit.

This is indeed a lovely outfit, I think from seeing this, other will begging to imitate and go back to their cultures.

Some people were of the opinion that, what the man did wasn't right, because the wedding is called white wedding not traditional wedding. While others were proud of his choice of cloth in the wedding.

What is your thoughts about this? Is he right to have worn this cloth in a white wedding? Drop your comment in box below.

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Igbo Isi Agụ Nze Southeastern That Got Attention


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