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Check Out The Kuria Tribe where Women Get Married To Women

In Tanzania and Kenya there is a particular tribe identified as the Kuria tribe, this particular tribe has a particular tradition that may seem strange to alot of people. The tribe allows their Women to get married to other Women, but this is not done out of love or romance it is something entirely different. After marriage the Women would go to beautiful places in Tanzania to enjoy their honeymoon.

You may wonder what kind of marriage involves only two Women, well marriage is quite different to the Kuria Women. The Women that get married to one another are not even of the same age group, there may be an age gap of over 20 years between them. Even though they get married to one another, they do not wear any wedding rings and they don't even sleep on the same beds.

Every morning they wake up and head to the farm together, they cook, clean and also bath their kids together. Note that same gender Marriage is not legal in Tanzania, but this marriage is allowed because it is not about romance.

These Women get married to one another because of a particular tradition in the Kuria tribe identified as the nyumba ntobhu also known as the house of women. In this tradition, any old Widow that does not have a male child will have to get married to a younger Woman who will in turn give birth to a male child.

Once the younger woman gives birth to a male child, that boy will then inherit the wealth and land of the older Woman and her lineage will continue. Even though these two Women get married to one another, the younger Women is allowed to have romantic relationships with Men. After she gets pregnant for a Man, her children will belong to the family of the older Woman. The real fathers of the kids will have no right to take the kids after they are born.

This particular tradition have been in existence for a very long time in the Kuria tribe, it became more popular in the early 70's. This tradition has helped alot of Widows in winning back their husband's properties. Any child that is born from the younger one will be the bread winner of her family, this will help put a stop to the maltreatment of the widows in the area. This tradition is still being practiced in the society by alot of people.

Source: Face To Face Africe

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