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Love Makes Life Sweet, Marry the Right Person!

A woman told me recently, "my husband’s love to me is the most important thing in my life". I asked, her why? She said, "I never thought true love exits because all that we watch on the movie is not real, they're not practicing what they are preaching, and I check my environment I can't even find one happy family as an example, is either they're fighting, shouting or doing something's that's not expected as couples, this really pissed me off, and made me zeal up my mind on genuine affection, I didn't know I was wrong, my husband was a true definition of love. He always does things that will make me, and his family happy, he loves us so much. Now I believe true love exists."

What is Love?

According to, "A feeling of intense attraction towards someone, a thing, activity, etc which is the object of one's deep liking or enthusiasm". Love gladdens the heart, takes sorrow away, it's an affection you have for someone that cross your heart that makes you happy, it brings progress and joy. When you're in love is like someone is on top of the world, it's a beautiful experience. Love brought us to this world, God created the world because of love, He had never left or forsaken us no matter the challenges of life. The present achievement will have today most especially in Nigeria was as a result of love. There are the inter-tribal war in the past, 'Igbo can't marry Yoruba, Hausa can't marry Igbo', and so on like that, but love unites us to become one, how would it be if the love we have for each other grows more, crime and other fraudulent activity will be reduced, love is a great game and life changer because love is light!

How does love make life sweet?

You would have heard, true story of couples that's thankful for what God used their love mate to do in their lives. I know of a man he doesn't care about his family but all about himself only, he got married to his sweetheart, and within 6 months what he didn't know about expressing love to one household, his wife corrected him with love, and this guy changed, now very responsible. There are many stories like that, some are drunkards, smokers, womanizer, fraudsters with so many bad characters, being in love with the right partner rewrites their story against all odds. When you're in love, there's this special feeling that it's so hard to explain, very hard to comprehend but makes you feel good. Love has cured so many diseases than drugs!

The essence of being with the right partner?

Being with a great partner is very important because it's a pathway to enjoy love. Don't date someone you don't love, and before you can love others you need to love yourself first.

If you found someone you love, these are what to do to enjoy the fundamental essence of love in real life, not like the one in the film:

1. When you see the person you love, be convinced first before expressing your hearts. Is it because of the reputation of the person, riches, degree, or property? If your answer is No, then because of what? If it's, Love. Proceed to the next step.

2. Go on your knees and tell your creator, it applies to all, you're a Muslim or Christian, tell God about that person you love. Patiently wait for answers.

3. During your period of waiting for God's response, approach the said person that is making you having sleepless nights, someone you can't stop thinking about. Request to be his or her friend, exchange contacts, and make sure it is strictly friendship.

4. Do brief research on their family background, their culture, beliefs, and inquire of everything you desire to know about them.

5. If you observed anything about that person, try as much as possible to correct that person, you can't change anyone only God can so don't think, when you tie the knot with him, he would change. It's a big lie, you can encourage him by telling him the dangers of that particular addiction, and by praying for him for a change of heart.

6. Tell your parents about it or any other person you confide in, listen attentively to what they have to say, and don't be too full of yourself to learn from whatever they warned you not to do.

6. Involve your man of God in your local religion center, pray together, God will respond to your requests. Please don't be in haste, remember it's a life journey, and I am very certain you don't wish to be divorce.

7. 'Lo and behold', God would have answered your prayers, whatever He instructs you to do, it is what you must do if it's to forget about the person or to go and express yourself, please don't try to outsmart God or ignore his words as far as you have strong confirmation from what He told you. You're good to go.

8. Sometimes that particular individual, may not be up to your standards, academically, don't reject God words, He knew you better than anybody. Don't contemplate on what to do, whatever God gives is forever the best!

9. Fix whatever you can now, before fixing a date for your conjugal bliss if it's to acquire a new skill, get a degree, get employed, start your own business, or whatever necessary you have to do before getting married. Please commit yourself to it now, don't assume when you're married, you will be able to upgrade your life, and be financially independent.

10. Don't compete with anyone, if N100,000 is what you can pay for for the wedding please do, if you can afford to be one of the 'Bling Lagosians', tread with caution. If you want to live long in this life, cut your coat according to your sizes.

Love is sweet when you're with the good companion, enjoy your union, and be fruitful amen.

Share this write up to all groups, marriage is beyond I saw him I love him, and I walk down the aisle him just like that, it's more than that. God will help you amen.

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