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Opinion: 6 Solid Benefits Of Marrying A Male Nurse

A male nurse is a man who does the work of a nurse. You may be imagining how a male nurse will cope as a husband in a great country like Nigeria. I want to tell you that male nurses are one of the best "husband materials" you will ever meet.

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When a girl is old enough to get married, many things will be crossing in her mind. One of the major things that will cross her mind is the choice of a man to settle down with. They will do their best to ensure that they don't end up with a man who does not have their time. In this expository piece, we will discuss six benefits you can get when you marry a male nurse.

1. Healthcare.

Marrying a male nurse means marrying someone who will be able to take care of your health needs and those of your children. When you become sick, your husband who is a nurse will give you all the medications, massages, injections and TLC you need.

As a wife of a nurse, you and your children will have no reason to continuously visit the hospital for treatment when you are sick or need medical attention. Of course, this means you will save more money too.

As a human, when you are married to a male nurse, it means that you are in a safe hand.

2. Male nurses are neat.

Just like how clean hospitals look, a male nurse knows how to take care of himself. This is because, as a nurse, he need to look neat before his patients. The practice of neatness is usually the habit of every nurse.

3. Male nurses are romantic.

Apart of giving you medical satisfaction, your husband who is a nurse knows how to satisfy you romantically. For instance, when you are sick, that is when you will see how romantic your husband is. The way he will perform his treatments on you will make you love him more.

As a nurse, he knows how to make you happy anytime and any day. He knows the best parts of your body to touch during romance. He knows the words to use in any mood you are in.

4. Financial freedom.

A male nurse is financially free because he is well paid. As his wife, you don't have any reason to worry about money because he has it and he can comfortably take care of you and the whole family.

5. Enough time.

Nurses are giving enough time to rest and be with you. Usually, for every one week of night duty, they are given one week off. This means that you have nothing to worry about times he will spend with you and the kids.

6. Male nurses hardly cheat.

You are in a safe hand when you are married to a male nurse. They don't have time for extramarital affairs. This is because, they are always busy in the hospital, and when they are given 1 week to rest after each week of night duty, they will return home and rest effectively in preparation for next week.

Content created and supplied by: Mr_Counselor (via Opera News )

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