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Things To Do In Other To Make A Woman Love You (opinion)

So many men want to find love so do girls too

I will be writing on what to do as a man in other to make sure your wife or girlfriend or fiance love you.

These are things to note ;

1) love; this is the first among the list because it's very important, loving her doesn't necessarily mean giving her money because people misunderstand this two.

When you love her,you do anything she wants you to do even when it's inconvenient for you,that's shows love .

When you love her,you don't criticize her or insult her .

Love is kind, patient, humble etc even the Bible acknowledge love as well. We can't die for her because we love her like Jesus,so we have to do the ones we can .

2) Respect; respecting your lady is the second thing to note.

Ladies love respect as well, respecting her doesn't mean you should be kneeling for her or doing things that aren't good for her.

Respecting her is to listen to what she have to say and act accordingly and not abuse her whenever she wants to make her point or anything serious.

3) Attention; attention is the third one and I bet you,if you give a woman attention you will enjoy her for the rest of your life .

Women loves attention!! If as a man,you have time for her and always listen to what she has to say at all time then you won't have any problem at all.

4)spend quality time with her; this key is very important ,no woman will want someone who don't spend time with her.

Even if she endures for sometimes,she will definitely get tired and look for someone else.

5) Buy her gifts ; yes I said buy her gifts . Ladies love gifts because it shows That you care about her to think of getting her a gift .

Whenever you buy a gift for a lady,you rekindle her love for you .

6)give her money; yes I said that .

Money is very important to keep a relationship,no matter the amount a lady earn,she will always want her man's own even if it's just little,but give to her.

7) Assist her in house chores: yeah

This is also important,when you assist a woman in her job,you give her this sense of reasoning that you are an angel sent from heaven,and she will really cherish you for that .

8) Always try to surprise her; don't be boring, atimes take out some time to give her surprises,this will also rekindle the relationship and love .

9) Don't Compare her: ladies hate to be compared with others,it makes her feel insecure. So whoever she is, don't try comparing her to others thinking that she will change after that,you are only making things worst.

10) Protect her: protect your woman because she is a gift from God .

Women love men who give them the sense if security .

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