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My wife really likes cucumber, But one-day I caught her doing this with it in her room [Fiction]

Photo credit: Google.

My wife is one of the people that I know who really likes cucumber, everyday she would put it in everything she eats, everything she drinks, and sometimes she would boil it in hot water and later bathing with it, but anytime I ask her why she does that, she will look at me and respond saying" it's just an advance treatment"

Photo credit: Google

After hearing her response, I will just leave her alone and go to work without minding or Caring about what she does at home. So one faithful day I didn't spend much time at work because they wasn't enough buyers in my shop, so I decided to go and surprise my wife at home, but little did I know that I was the one who was going to be surprised that day.

When I step into her room, to my biggest surprise I was her doing this with the cucumber she always claim she love so much. 

Photo credit: Google.

You can see pictures of what she actually did with it above and it's actually a treatment which women use with Cucumbers which reduce ageing of skins in their faces.

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