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If your woman always ask you for money, Then this article is for you.

Many people thinks that all what a girl wants from a man is money, but no it isn't.

Below here are what your woman needs from you. Keep in your mind readiness to do it if you're in a relationship.

1 Time.

One of the most crucial thing a woman wants from her man is time. If you can provide your woman with time then you're definitely happy in your relationship, unless you two are not meant for each other. Spending your time with her, giving her care as she deserves, be with her every time you have to.

2 Be honest.

Being honest is one of the necessity needed in a strong and genuine relationship. Imagine lying to her and she finds out, the bond of her love for you will begin to reduce. If you've done something wrong tell her, if you are not having money tell her, by so doing she will start to generate a special and effective affection towards you.

3 surprise her with hugs and kisses.

Do you know that women admire guys that always surprise them? If not then now you know. Whenever you are talking and her face doesnt gloom to you then there is definitely a problem, but the best thing to do is to pull her close and give her a hug. If she is in pain or crying then pull her close and give her a deep kiss, by doing so, you will be the one she will forever love.

Kisses and hugs are special ways of telling someone "I love you ".

4 Always take her to your parents.

Always take your woman to your parent and relative, by doing so you are creating a bond for her and your parents. If you should take her to your parent then she will be 100 percent sure that you really love her wholeheartedly.

Hope you're now informed on how to keep your woman even without using much money.

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