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10 types of dreams and their different meaning

So many of us have different dreams which makes us wonder what it signifies. Some may think it might just be a dream which makes no meaning and others keep pondering on what the effects of this dream might indicate.

Here are some common dreams and what they mean.

1. Falling in the dream

Dreaming of falling is another one that almost everyone has had at some point in their lives. Some people believe that these kinds of dreams are a result of major problems or challenges that are present in life. 

The common myth that has been circulating over the years is that if you are falling in a dream and you hit the ground, you will actually die. That is definitely not true, so feel free to encounter those falling dreams all the way to the end.

2. Naked In Public

It is believed that this dream represents a feeling of vulnerability or fear of being exposed. It could result from keeping a particularly personal and private secret from people in your life.

3. Flying

This dream is a lot more better than falling, and some people report that it is an extremely fun and enjoyable experience. Somewhat like falling, flying in your dreams may be an indication that something in life is not going as it should, and perhaps should be allowed to work itself out. Then again, perhaps it’s just a sign that we are simply jealous of birds.

4. Being Chased

Being chased by someone or something is also quite a common experience in the dream world. It may be an indication that the person having the dream may be avoiding an issue that should be confronted and dealt with. 

Running away or avoiding an issue in the real world may manifest as running away from something in a dream. This type of dream is reportedly experienced by woman more than men.

5. Sick Or Dying

Dreams like this can cause a lot of emotional breakdown and sadness when it involves losing a close friend or family member. It is common for people to wake up in tears after a dream like this. 

There are many interpretations that arise from this dream which may include real life situations such as the onset of an illness, emotional pain, fear of being hurt, or a desire to end a relationship.

6. Missing A Plane, Boat, Train, Etc.

This is the type of dream that leaves a feeling of abandonment and anxiety. This dream may be the result of a missed opportunity or the fear of missing an opportunity in real life. Sometimes it is more likely to occur when a person is struggling with difficult decisions in their life.

7. Spiders

These dreams can be frightening and disturbing for people who are afraid of spiders. Anyone dreaming about spiders may be doing so as a result of a feeling of being manipulated or controlled, the same way a spider takes charge of the prey that gets tangled in its web. 

Generally, dreaming of spiders may just be an indication that some real-world circumstance is unsettling and worrisome.

8. Water

Dreams, where water is a prominent feature, may reflect change or renewal. The role that water plays in a dream is said to be extremely important for interpreting the dream’s meaning. 

Giving water to someone else in the dream may indicate that you are encouraging others by offering them new opportunities or positive changes. Dreaming of drowning or being caught in a terrible storm may indicate a feeling of being overwhelmed by events that are taking place in life.

9. Wild animals like Lion etc

These dangerous creatures are another one that many people fear, making dreams of them much more intense for people. Dreams with these wild animals may be a representative of a hidden threat or the worry of something bad that is about to happen.

10. Out-of-control Automobile

So many of us find the scene of being behind the wheel of a car with failed brakes or steering terrifying. For someone who worries about that in real life, these dreams could simply be a manifestation of that worry.

In other cases, it could result from anxiety someone has over a particular issue in their real life. It may also be obvious that these types of dreams may mean that a person fears that their life is out of control.

Content created and supplied by: Chuksdarrell (via Opera News )


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