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Check out what this guy was spotted doing to a lady in public, that made Twitter users react.

We should be mindful of what we do or how we behave in public. A guy was spotted touching a lady in public, and the lady didn't react or stop him. According to the video, His friend sitting on a stool noticed what he was doing and cautioned him, still he didn't want to stop it. This has however gotten a lot of angry reactions from Twitter users. Whilst some said the lady is at fault, some insulted the guy.

Even if the lady in the video is his girlfriend, he shouldn't have done that in public. We should be able to discern what is right and what is wrong.

Video Link.

According to one of the comments.

I thought they said if doesn't harm anyone then people can do whatever they like?

I thought they said women should decide whatever they want with their body?

I thought they said we should not judge People or whatever they decide to do with their body.

See Reactions Below.

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