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17 Modern baby cot for expecting mothers

Gone are those day women place their babies on mats or on the same bed with them while sleeping. Parents now provide a separate room for their babies filled with lovely decorations Sach as toys, bag and clothes etc. This provides the baby with a more conducive environment as he grows up.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, it is the state or experience of having/raising a child. When women get pregnant ,the next thing on the list is preparation for the arrival of the baby. This preparation include buying of baby wears and items needed to get for the baby . One of the main thing needed is a baby cot.

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A cot is a simple bed,especially one for portable or temporary purpose, it is a crib which is made of wooden or iron frame,slung by its corners from a beam it is used to secure,protect ,demarcate and restrict the movement of children from rolling off. Below are modern designed cot ideas you can try for the newly born and toddlers. This cot can be use for babies from 0 to 6year of age.

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