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5 Signs That Show He Is Not Ready To Be Committed In A Relationship

There are some sets of men who are not ready for a serious relationship but still go out flirting and deceiving women just for their selfish interest. This set of men are usually regarded as players. A player in this sense is someone that jokes with someone's feelings or pretends to love them just for their gain. They tend to move from one woman to another giving them false hopes in the relationship.

There are a lot of women out there that are already a victim of these type of men without even knowing it. They thought they have found the love of their life just because they are being shown love and attention without knowing it was all planned from the onset. As a woman, to avoid falling victim or end up with a player, there are some signs you should look out for.

Below are 5 signs that show he is a player. 

1. He only wants a secret relationship with you.

One of the signs that shows a man is a player is when he avoids making your relationship an open one. He will tell you to keep it a secret and he won't even bother to introduce you to his friends or anyone close to him. When you are outside, he will pretend not to know you but when you are alone, he will start showing you love and care. 

As a woman, you shouldn't be deceived or blinded by love, a man who is showing this kind of sign is only using you and he doesn't love you. He's a big-time player who is playing with your heart. 

2. He always avoids talking about your relationship.

When a man doesn't even make any plans or talk about the future of your relationship, you should that he's a player. Since he's not serious with the relationship, he will see no reason to make any plans with you and he will avoid having such a conversation. 

3. He's only interested in your body. 

Another sign that shows a man is a player is when he's only interested in your body. If he always wants you to sleep with him and he doesn't care about any other thing, you should that he is a player. If he threatens to break up with you or starts giving you an attitude when you refuse to give him your body, he doesn't love you at all.

4. He's very secrets.

When a man always denies you access to his phone and his social media account, there's a chance he's keeping something from you. He might have another woman and he's just playing with your feelings.

A man that truly loves you won't keep secrets from you and denies you access to his phone and social media account.

5. He's always flirting with many women. 

This is another sign that shows a man is a player. A man that loves you will stick only with you and never flirt with other women. 

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