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"I Need A Good Man In My Life, I will Not Hurt or Cheat On You" A Young Lady Begs (Throwback)

"I'll Continue Misbehaving Until A Good Man Walks Into My Life And Change Me" A Young Lady Boasts

It is disheartening and saddened to see young girls who are supposed to be punishing good things of life misbehaving. It is worse to look at when those misbehaving know what they are doing is bad and they continue to do it.

A Lady identified as Elly Peckins on Facebook posted pictures of herself smoking. She then wrote that she would continue to misbehave until a good man walks into her and change her for good.

She posted:

She then added that she seriously needed a good man in her life and she promised never not hurt or cheat on him.

Her pictures:

The most painful part is that at this her again, she is into smoking destroying and damaging her liver. Not that she doesn't know what she is doing is bad, but she is looking for someone to change her.

Do you think anyone can change her?

Can you be in a relationship with this kind of person?

Read, comment and don't forget to share.

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