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4 Things You Should Not Beg A Guy For

When the love between two people is relatively balanced, it wouldn't matter who does this first or who doesn't get to do it at all. Happiness would be their first and utmost priority. Every girl loves a guy who doesn't always need to be told what to do or how to go about impressing her.

Love isn't the only thing girls seek when going into relationships. Amongst a host of other things, they seek respect, security, intimacy and most times posterity. Often times, when girls don't get these things that they so desire from a guy, some of them would resort to begging. Not like it would be a crime for you to beg somebody that you are involved with, for something that you should have at will. But, the problem is that it could be costly. Costly in the sense that it could make him start thinking too little of you. Trust me, you don't need that. You are enough, and you should always get what you deserve, without having to beg.

Here are a list of 4 things you should never beg a guy for.

1. For relationships

If you beg him to start or remain in a relationship with you, you might just have to beg him everyday. And believe me, that would be exhausting. A relationship that you have to beg for is definitely going no nowhere. You best cut your losses and scoot. Accept that he was a lesson that you needed to learn. Even though you had to learn the hard way.

2. Love

Begging someone to love you would only bring you fake love. And fake love is of no use. You'll only end up being used to satisfy someone else's selfish desires. It's not really sometimes, but you really have to tell yourself the truth. If you have to accept someone into your life, it's important to make sure that the person loves you.

3. Attention

The more you beg a guy for attention, the more nonexistent you become in his eyes. Girls who know their value, know that, they don't have to beg a guy for his attention. I know how difficult it can be not to get what you deserve. But then, begging for it might make you seem needy. Give him attention, but if he doesn't reciprocate, then cut your losses.

4. Compliments:

You shouldn't even consider giving all of your body and soul to a guy who has no kind of decency whatsoever, to choose you and make you a priority. It's better not to ask such a man to change, or perhaps, start treating you like he ought to. Any guy who's not ready to make you a priority or at least, tell you a nice compliment every now and then, isn't ready at all to be with you.

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