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FICTION: I Wanted To Kill My Husband Because I Hate Him, See How My Sister Made Me Love Him Again

When I got married to my husband he was the only one that occupied my heart, I don't feel anything for any man except him. He has been there for me and my family but I don't know what came over me which made me to starts to hate him. My husband has always been a good and caring man but the devil wanted to used me to end his life. It all started when they sacked him from work because of what he know nothing about. He could not provide money anymore, though I was managing the shop he opened for me but I began to loose interest in him because of one man that was coming to my shop to buy things. The young man started telling me stories that made me to dislike my husband to the point of ganging up with my sister to end his life.

Then I told my sister that I wants to divorce my husband that I don't love him anymore because he was becoming a liability. My sister pleaded and I refused to listen to her. The hate kept increasing then I told her I want to kill him in other to live my life because I don't want to see him anymore. My sister warned me for trying to make such attempt, I pleaded for her to help me get something that will end his life. Then she told me to come back the next day, though all this while I have been going out with the new man. I don't care about my husband anymore even when he wanted to talk to me I will shun him. He was bothered and worried for my sudden change of attitude then my sister gave me drugs I should be putting in his food. And she instructed me to be adding one tablet in his food everyday till the drugs finished.

I was so happy and I appreciated her for standing by me, then instead of adding one tablet I decided to put three so that it will work faster. Two weeks later, my husband could not walk anymore and I told my sister I wants to divorce him and she said if I do that people will called me wicked woman for abandoning my husband in his condition. Then I started taking care of him still I was putting the drugs in his food. Then my sister told me to leave my shop and focus on my husband first, I should be taking care of him before he died so that people will say I have tried my best as a good wife. Then I started taking my husband from one place to another, bathing him and feeding him.

I started loving my husband back, I started regretting for putting him in this condition. Then I ran to my sister and I told her I don't want to killed my husband again she should find ways to get him better. And she told me is too late and my husband has one months to live and the only thing that will save him is to do operation so that he can walk again. And I have to provide ten million naira so that we can take him to abroad for the operation. I started to weep, how can I get such amount then she told me to begged the new man I have. And I told her I don't want him anymore, is my husband I love now and I will do anything to save his life.

Then my sister told me to sell my shop and I thought of doing that I noticed I was already pregnant for the new man. Then I said even if it happens this way let me save my husband first. I prayed and fasted asking God to forgive my sin. I was in the shop thinking about my life and how I will sell the shop my sister called me that she was in my house. Then I quickly rushed home crying on the road that is like my husband is died. When I got home she asked me what is delaying the money? And I could not provide an answer all I did was to cry.

Then I was in the toilet when blood started coming out from my body, I was shouting and crying for her. My husband rushed in his wheel chair then he quickly rushed me to hospital. After everything I lost the pregnancy and I returned home looking at my husband and sister infact I don't know what is happening. My sister started to explained to me that what she gave me was vitamin C and how can I dreamt of killing my husband and she will agreed to that. That she can't allowed a man who helped her during her school days to die like that. I was ashamed of myself and I could not say a word.

She went further to say she cooked everything with my husband for me to have sense, now the oil company has called him back to work. I started begging him to forgive me and he said had it been me sister was a bad person he would have died but she saved him from my evil plot. She made me to love my husband back though my husband has forgiven me but am ashamed of myself.

My husband loves me and he has forgiven me but my conscience is killing me and I don't know what to do about it.

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