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Nothing kills love faster in a relationship than these 7 things

It takes the efforts of two people to make a relationship of any kind work. In a relationship between a man and a woman, things can pretty much get out of the way when somethings becomes too much or intolerable which can make people who seems to be do in love and cannot be separated suddenly become thorns in each other's flesh.

The reason why things like that happen is usually because of the ignorance of both parties and their lack of understanding of what it takes to build and maintain a relationship.

In this article, we will talk about the 7 things that kills love between two people and why you should avoid them.

1. Judging your partner too much.

We are all humans and are therefore bound to make mistakes which might be inconvenient for our partner or make them angry. The mistakes we make which often times leads to apologies and repentance, shows that there can never be a perfect couple. The habit of judgement or always judging your partner shows that you don't see anything positive in what he/she does except for her mistakes, and since we usually love being appreciated for our efforts, things might get sour in the relationship when all you see are faults.

2. Trying to control your partner.

Many people are guilty of the mentality of "owning" their partners since they are married to them or in a serious relationship with them. No matter the gender, we all enjoy having the space and freedom to do what we loved doing before we met our various partners and the idea of controlling is not acceptable. When you try to control your man/woman, it will only drive them away further as they would want to be free elsewhere.

3. You're abusive.

In the modern world, when you talk of abuses in relationships, women are the ones that seems to be the only victims, while men are seen as the oppressors. But in some cases, men get abused too. Example of such abuses would be a woman taking advantage of the gentle nature of her husband and doing inappropriate things for her own selfish interest. Whatever the nature of the abuse, one thing this behavior shows is that you don't have an atom of respect for your partner. Abusing your wife doesn't make a strong man, it shows how weak you are emotionally.

4. Dishonesty.

Nobody likes a dishonest person and this is what kills even ordinary friendship not to talk of marriage. A dishonest partner is one who disregards his partner's feelings in pursuit of his/her own selfish gains. You could agree that more than 80% of breakup and divorces that people attribute to infidelity are actually caused by dishonest partner. For your relationship to be successful, you need to open up to your partner and tell her everything they need to know because, though it might seem irrelevant or inconvenient for you, you will be glad you did it on the long run.

5. Nagging.

I've seen many times when wives nag their husbands and husbands did the same. Nagging and complaining are two different things: When you complain, you're showing dissatisfaction in a thing you feel should have been done in a better way. But when you nag, you're saying that you don't appreciate your partner being the way they are or what they do, thereby comparing them to other people. Often times, the words "your mates are this..." " Your mates are that..." Is mostly used. The bad effects of nagging is that when your partner feels unappreciated, he/she might start looking for someone who does and when that happens, they might start to despise you. Correct your spouse and teach her how to do things if you know better.

6. Insecurity.

We all have some sort of insecurity in us but taking it too far can harm our relationships with people. The reason for our insecurity at times might be due the love we have with our partners or because we think someone else is posing a threat. Though this feeling is natural, it is more important if you k ow that there's more you can enjoy in a relationship than always thinking that someone is trying to steal your man or girl. Don't bug her with questions whenever she answers a call that shows that you're insecure.

7. Disrespect.

We naturally respect people that we fear and hold to a high standard, while we disrespect those we think mean nothing to us. How you treat your partner surely depends on either one of the above categories. A man is likely to love and cherish a woman who respects and listens to him than one who sees him as her equal. A woman on the other hand, is likely to stick to a man who treats her with respect. You see, it is a give and take situation here. Disrespecting your partner Intentionally will lead to troubles in the relationship.

So, when you know all these things and being careful with them can improve your relationship. Good luck!

Content created and supplied by: GideonOgbike (via Opera News )


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