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The Three Basic Words Your Child Must Learn.

The Three Basic Words Your Child Must Learn. 

On a blessed day, A woman walked into my place of work with her daughter for medical check up. 

Throughout their stay, I noticed anytime one extends a kind gesture to the child, she says THANK YOU willingly and effortless with a smile. 

Wow, that was a really warm response I thought, but guess what I wasn't surprised. 

Do you know 'why'? Because that is her mother's habitual character when approaching people .  

PLEASE, THANK YOU and SORRY are three important words that are necessary to build and maintain healthy relationship in every field and aspect of our lives. 

Sometimes we want our children to use these basic three words 💬 but Alas! They don't because we fail to teach them or model it to them. 

Let me ask you a few questions:

How many times have you said thank you to your child when she does something for you? or you think your child doesn't deserve that word after all you are their parent. 

How many times has your child witnessed you saying thank you to someone? 

How many times has your child heard you say sorry to them or someone for doing something wrong? 

How many times have you uses the word "Please" when it's best needed? 

Your child is basically a reflection of who you are, you can't expect your child to exhibit what you have not mirrored to them.

Modeling what you want your child to exhibit is the best way to teach your child how to do things. 

There are some people who have lost healthy relationship because they fail to use these three words when necessary. 

Teach your child how to say these words, model it to them and they will be able to sustain healthy relationships. 

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