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7 Signs of Mind Games in a Relationship

Is your boyfriend or husband playing mind games? Your intuition is the first sign. Why do you think your partner isn't being completely honest, upfront, or genuine? Trust your instincts if you have a feeling something isn't quite right. Have faith in yourself. Keep in mind that people don't always realize they're "playing mind games." They picked up unhealthy ways of communication and interacting, and they may have witnessed power struggles in their parents' relationship as a child. Your boyfriend or husband may not be attempting to dominate or manipulate you on purpose; instead, he may have developed unhealthy or even abusive responses to loved ones. Read on to know the signs of mind games in a relationship.

1. They accuse you of lying.

They can start accusing you of lying , or even falsely accuse you of fabricating information. Perhaps they're attempting to persuade folks around you that you're not a pleasant person or that you've been complaining about them and are now lying when you claim you haven't. This is a terrible situation to be in, and you may feel compelled to defend yourself and explain what's actually going on all the time.

2. They compare you with others

Making constant comparisons between yourself and other people is a more subtle psychological game. On a night out, your partner may tell you that your friends had more fun than you, or they may compare you to their "crazy" ex whenever you have a disagreement. You'll be angry and unhappy in either case, unaware of what's actually going on and why you deserve this. Why do they feel the need to constantly compare you to others when you're a fantastic person in your own right?

3. They attempt to make you jealous.

This is such infantile behavior, yet it is so common. Trying to make someone jealous is a basic method to screw with their mind . Maybe your partner is messaging their ex or flirting with other individuals. This type of jealousy-inducing behavior will, unsurprisingly, make you envious. It'll also make you feel uneasy and perplexed about what's going on and why you don't appear to be enough for them, and you'll question why they'd want to hurt you so badly.

4. Playing with your emotions

This game begins when you begin to develop feelings for one other. He may begin to treat you as if your presence is unnecessary or bothersome. The goal is to make you feel anxious about whether or not your previous romantic adventure or date was as great as it appeared to you.

5. Being mean

Because he can't keep pretending to be kind forever, he'll start behaving badly because his charming and ostensibly compassionate qualities were simply exploited to court you. He feels more in control when he manipulates and oppresses you.

6. They are constantly blaming you.

Blame is another method used by those who play mind games in relationships. They hold you responsible for everything, even if it isn't your fault. For example, you could want to inform your partner about a funny incident. They will, however, hold you responsible for your actions. Perfectionism and knowledge are important characteristics of those who engage in mind games in relationships.

7. They make fun of you.

When your partner puts you down to make you feel awful, this is one of the indicators of mind games in a relationship. What happens because they are envious of what you have or because you are better at something than they are. As a result, rather than encouraging you in a difficult circumstance, they put you down to make you feel better. For them, your current bad mood is a triumph. They may also make derogatory remarks about you or your appearance in public. It's all about power and the need to feel superior to others. As you can see, the issue is with them, not with you.

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