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Relationship Tips:Check Out 10 Common Mistakes Single Ladies Make When Choosing A Partner

Relationship Tips:Check Out 10 Common Mistakes Single Ladies Make When Choosing A Partner

Being in a relationship is one of the toughest decision one needs to make in life to endeavor us from falling in to the wrong hands or end up. Regretting. Here 10 common mistakes that single ladies can consider to avoid making, see tips below


When you become impatient as a result of your age because of parental and societal push you may make a mistake 

2. Being too emotional 

As a lady Being too emotional will make trivialise big issues about the guy.

3.lack of counsels

When you don't get counseling from mentor when it comes to choice making, then you making a mistake 

4. Underestimation of weakness 

To overlook some obvious weakness in the guy you choosing could be a big mistake 

5.Attracted by material things

To allow material things like car, house, money etc could determine your choice of making a mistake 

6. Pity

When you tend to go into a relationship with a man out of pity for the guy your making a mistake. 

7. Pride

If you use the overestimation of your worth then you making a mistake choosing and finding a partner 

8. Wrong judgment 

When your choice is based on wrong judgment you are making a mistake. 

9. Despising a divine direction 

When you defile what God is saying to you on whom you are to marry, then you making a big mistake. 

10. Fear of the future:

When you are being scared of the future, you making a mistake. Its God who holds your future have faith in him.

Thanks for reading this article. Hope it was helpful to you ladies

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