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Secret ways to last in marriage you might want to know

Our concern have moved from marriage which are not working to marriage about to start which will not work. Am talking about enjoying capacity and not enduring capacity.

Believe me, divorce will become unpopular by quality marriages coming up.

These are what you should do in other to last in your marriage:

A) Think before you speak: It is irresponsible, wasteful and damaging to speak before determining the potential impact of what you are about to say. It is immature to open your mouth and speak because you feel like speaking. My dear according to Luke 21:15 mouth and wisdom must go together,but if there is no wisdom, mouth is not needed.

This is how to do it:

a) Weigh the question and the intension behind the question

b) Weigh your answers from as many sides as possible to make sure you are safe after your answer.

B) Speak thoughtfully:

a) Learn to be diplomatic in your speech

b) Determine not to hurt anyone by your speaking and after speaking

c) Be slow to speak sometimes

d) Never allow your passion or feelings to override your intelligence.

e) Be conscious of your environment when communicating.

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