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FICTION: 4 Years Into Our Marriage He Wants To Divorce Me When He Found Out I Had A Son 10 Years Ago

Fiction:4 Years into our marriage he wants to divorce me when he founds out I had a son 10 years ago.  

I met my Husband 5 years ago when I was 32 years old. He was nice, gentle and caring, handsome and very rich, in fact, he was the best man any woman could pray for. When he proposed to me to marry him I didn't waste much time to say YES, because age was not on my side.

We got married after months of dating, everything was going fine and love and the understanding was there. but there was a secret I failed to tell him before he married me. when I was a 21 years old, I was Impregnated by my boyfriend who abadonned me and I had a son for him. It was so difficult to open up to my husband and reveals my past to him, I couldn't tell him i have a 12 years old son because I was afraid if he knew he won't agree to marry me if I told him. So I decided not to let him know till we are fully married.

My soul is punishing me for hiding the truth from an innocent man, so I mustered courage and told him, he was very furious and since then change his attitude towards me. Barely a week after I told him the truth he came back and informed me that he wants a divorce.

This is just too much and I'm heart broken.

How do I save my marriage, Pls help me.

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