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This is why if you're faithful to a relationship, then you're liable to pain or pains

At that time, there was a girl who hated herself just because she can’t see, she was completely blind. She never liked anyone except one of her visitors who turns to be her boyfriend. He was always there for her even after the coincidence in which she got completely blind and her conduct changed towards life. 

She profoundly says that if she could see the beauty of the world, she will definitely marry her only boyfriend. After enough saying of that, one day, her boyfriend searched for best doctor that could exchange his eyes to his blind girlfriend. 

The operation came out positive and now she can see the beauty of the world, in-fact everything, everybody especially her boyfriend and she was actual happy. 

Not long excitements with her boyfriend, he quickly ask her, “now you can see the beauty of the world, in-fact everything, especially me, will you marry me, remember I have waited for long”

Actually, the lady in question was terribly hurt that the promising boyfriend was completely blind, she could not manage the trauma and boldly tell the boyfriend that she can’t married a blind person, so, marriage annulled.

Hearing this, her boyfriend was devastated and heart broken, with anger, tears, name it, he wrote a note and left it for her proclaiming, , “PLEASE TAKE CARE OF MY EYES, BELOVED.” 

Mind you, always think of what person or persons went through to make you happy, especially your love ones.

Never neglect the person(s) who stood by you in time of difficulty and those who made you what you are, rather left sorrow with them

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