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How To Certify That She's A Wife Material (Opinion)

In a world where societal values are tremendously dropping, and men search "earnestly" for what they call a "wife material"; this search seems unending for most men as they claim there are no more women of great virtues, women who are industrious, women who have stable source(s) of income, women who are humble yet proud- positively proud, of course pride is a good virtue while this may be debatable, I am of the opinion that healthy pride improves self esteem and confidence. Crazy, right?- There are some characteristic features of a potential wife material.

Moreover, there are seemingly easy ways to identify a wife material. Dear women reading this, you'll have to build your characters around these core values for it is indeed what most men look out for, including Francisj2nd my dear friend, the Founder and CEO of Science kits who's also available on this platform.

Those values are below given;

  1. First, she has to be innovative, and willing to share business ideas with her partner. Her ideas has to economically feasible and sustainable over time. Poverty of the mind, is one of the worse forms of poverty. For, if you're not able to think out of the box, you may die poor. Real wealth comes from the richness of the mind.
  2. No man wants a liability for a partner. Men, would rather opt for women who have at least one stream of sustainable income who with time, continues to become better and improve her economic and financial health
  3.  Some women are religious followers of a certain "status quo" that is, they tend to follow a certain pattern all the time. These types of women are rather not willing to learn and/or unlearn. As a wife material, it is expected that you unlearn things which you knew(possibly old fashioned) and make way for new knowledge.

With these tips, you now know that the orientation of the girl child has to be ammended. We should as honourable members of the society normalise holding certain positive expectations from the girl child- this will help produce more wife materials and better mothers of the society. As parents also, we should tell our daughters that it is okay to chair your own company after school, start something and make it sustainable over time. Far gone are the days when we only expect the girl child, who by extension will become a wife and a mother some day to sleep in the kitchen and by this I hope you understand the context and actual meaning of that adage, not just in its literal sense.

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