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Reasons why women like money

Yes, of course, money is great. It gets you things, money is a way to be able to have a really nice lifestyle, if you have a lot of it and that's what you're interested in.

So if you have a lot of money. A girl is not going to know better if she's going to be like, Oh! awesome, this guy has money that means that she can be part of an awesome lifestyle. Yes, People like money, you like money, I like money, women like money, and that's okay.

However, where people are wrong is that they think money is the thing that gets women attracted. That is, the think like all this money is the thing that women are interested in. Sure, can't disagree, there are women out there who are complete gold diggers, and who are after men for their money and nothing else and they want to live a very lush lifestyle.

However, money is not the most important thing, in fact money is actually one of the biggest causes of breakups and divorces because people can't agree on it. And sometimes, of course, because there's not enough. But really, because people look at money in a different way, but how do women see money? well i'll tell you right now.

Women see money as a symbol of success and security. Let's talk about the success part. If you are making money. That means that you are successful at what you do, being successful. And being very good at what you do, is a very welcome attractive trait, and in some ways it's a masculine trait because you're showing that you're putting a lot of energy and direct focus and attention into one thing, and really being very dominant with that one thing, and you're doing very well at it.

And that is very masculine but it's also just very attractive because you're very passionate women like that. Now here's the deal. Successful doesn't mean that you have to be a millionaire, it doesn't even mean you have to be making or cracking six figures, you can still be very good at your job, and not making that much money, but if you do have money, it is a sign of success.

So women see money as a sign of success and that's the fact. So it is not wrong there like money we all need a luxurious life.

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