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Divorce Affair

5 Reasons Why Most Marriages Do Not Last Long

Marriage is never for the immature mind. If you're not ready to undergo a long time change, it is better not to marry yet. You have to be responsible enough, be able to endure, and sacrifices some things if you want to have a successful marriage.

Just because you're committed and doing your best, that doesn't mean your marriage will last long. There are some things one has to watch out for and make sure it doesn't affect your marriage. Little things become big things and before you know, you won't be able to handle it.

In this article, I'll be discussing with us the reasons why most marriages don't last long. 

Below are 5 reasons why most marriages don't last long.

1. Poor communication.

If your marriage lacks proper communication, there's no way it will last long. For you to build and strengthen your marriage, you need proper communication. If you and your partner don't communicate daily, you won't be able to know what is going on in your marriage. If you find it hard to agree to something and all you do is fight now and then, your marriage won't last long. 

Poor communication will make your marriage fall. You and your partner need good communication if you want a lasting marriage. 

2. Financial problems.

Most of the reasons why many marriages don't last long these days are because of financial problems. At first, the woman might still try to endure and hope, but once she's getting the wrong advice and she can't hold up any more, she will have to leave such a marriage. 

This is most important for men, if you know you're not financially stable or you know you don't have a source of income, don't bother getting married yet. If you rush into marriage because of your friends, it won't last long. The financial coal problem has been the major cause of divorce.

3. Lack of investment.

This is not in terms of money. If you're not investing your time and attention in your partner, there's no way you will have a successful marriage. You need to invest your time most especially in your relationship if you want it to keep going. You don't have to be too busy and occupied. 

4. Unforgiveness.

Once your partner finds it hard to forgive you, and make it seem like you never did anything wrong, your marriage will hardly last. If your partner can not forgive and forget, he/she will always feel bad whenever she remembers your offense and that alone can cause trouble in your marriage. 

5. Lack of trust.

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