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11 Things Guys Do That Girls Find Adorable.

There are certain things a guy would do in he's relationship that he's partner would find very adorable, and it is some of this little gestures that makes that lady love him so dearly, thereby making that relationship feel fresh and romantic.

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So in this article, i would be listing some of those cute things guys do that women find adorable..

1. He tells he's woman how important she is to him.

A woman find it cute and adorable when her man alway reminds her of how important she is to him, it makes her feel really special. That man might not even be aware of the impact that little statement has, but that statement is helping to keep the spark in that relationship.

2. He always remind he's woman how cute she is when she wakes up in the morning.

Reminding your woman how beautiful she is when she wakes up every morning is one gesture women really find adorable, it makes them forever feel like your princess.

3. He gives her forehead kisses.

Giving your woman forehead kisses might mean nothing too special to you, but this gesture makes a woman feel loved and cherished by her man.

4. He Cuddles her during a cold weather.

Women love cuddles, so she really finds it sweet and adorable when her man cuddles her especially in a very cold weather. They enjoy the warmth they feel under he's arms.

5. He Takes care of her when she is sick.

Women find it so adorable when their man care and cater for them when they are sick, because it shows that he really loves and values for her.

6. He always reminds her of how sexy she is.

A woman love when her man always reminds her of how sexy she is, especially when she begins feeling a little bit insecure about her looks.

7. He Protects her and make her feel safe around him.

Every woman wants to feel safe and secure around her man. So when a man protects he's woman and always makes her feel safe around him, she would really adore him.

8. Gently stroking her hair.

Women love when their man gently stroke or runs he's hand across her hair, it makes her feel very girly and feminine to him.

9. He hugs her from behind and whispers naughty things in her ears.

Women love when their man gives them a surprise hug from behind and whisper naughty things to them. It might not mean any thing to the man as he might just be playing around, but women really love this gesture as it gives them some feeling of excitement.

10. He’s calm and composed even in the most stressful situations.

Women are very emotional beings and they tend to get very emotional sometimes. But she find it very adorable when her man can stay firm and calm when she get over dramatic or too emotional. It shows that he is confident and cool.

11. He holds her hands when they are walking on the street.

Women love being touched by their man, so holding her hands in public makes her feel loved and also shows that you are not afraid to show her to the whole world as your woman.

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