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These relationship mistakes can ruin your marriage.

It is so sad when the relationship between two promising couples are ruined just because of simple mistakes that can be corrected. I am gonna just talk about 7 mistakes that have ruined people's marriage and if you are married , check out where you are faulting and if you are yet to get married, then take note of this mistakes. You can even write them down in your journal.


People lie for different reasons but one of the worst mistakes you can make is to start a relationship with lies. Some tell different types of lie , some lie about their wealth or one other thing especially men just to get the ready attracted to you. Don't forget that after marrying that lady, she can still divorce you when she doesn't see what she was expecting from the marriage. So men, be wise don't LIE in your relationship for any reason.


There is no way that this one wouldn't make the list. Never you cheat in your relationship, if it gets to a point where you need to be intimate with someone outside the marriage then break up with your partner and go ahead. But never you cheat, because the cheating can rise to another problem. The cheating can even lead to your death. And lady's, before you start mingling with any man, ask questions.


Don't ignore any problem you see in your relationship. Whatever you see in your partner that's worthy of correction, tell him/her. Remember that little drops of water make an ocean.


As important as that of cheating is , this issue is also very important. But many people seem to neglect it. As important as your emotional needs are, your physical needs are also important. Although this issue is very difficult to bring up, it is important that you bring it up. Accept the criticism among yourselves , discuss about it, don't forget that you are now one.


As important as every other factor I've mentioned here is, this ia a very important factor. For some people, some things are just mandatory for their emotional health like , cuddling, holding hands, going out on date nights. Even a simple I love you can do something great to your partner. As much as you care about your partner, then partners emotional health must not be compromised.


Some times, two people are just incompatible. No matter what they do, they can't stay together. It's a problem caused by both of you and the only solution is to, END THE RELATIONSHIP.

Thanks for reading , hope it was educative, share to your family members so they won't make any of this mistakes.

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