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4 Things You'll Notice About A Girl's Attitude When She's Fed Up With The Relationship

A break up does not happen suddenly in a lot of relationships without one partner first complaining about what they don't like, and pointing out things they want the other partner to change.

When a girl is fed up with a relationship, she doesn't quit suddenly, especially when she is in love with the guy.

She usually gives him some time to observe if there are going to be any changes in his behavior towards her.

However, when she finally makes up her mind to quit the relationship, you will know she's already tired of it and will begin to behave strangely.

She Starts Avoiding You

She may stop responding to your phone calls. She can go for a few weeks without giving you a phone call.

She will be doing this because she is avoiding seeing you or hearing your voice. She won't even respond to your messages on time.

If you tell her that you need to see her, she won't make herself available for you again. She also tries to avoid talking to your friends, especially the ones that are very close to you.

She Shows Less Concern

She behaves as though she doesn't care again, even when you tell her that you are feeling sick at home, and you want her to come around.

She shows less concern and won't even take you seriously. You may blame her for being heartless. She will tell you that it was your fault.

She Refuses To Argue With You Again

She becomes tired of arguing about anything that has to do with both of you or the relationship.

She feels that arguing with you can't change anything between both of you since she has already given up on the relationship, so there's no point for her to argue with you again.

A lady will only argue with a guy because she doesn't want to lose the relationship.

She Has Lost Feelings For You

She doesn’t feel attracted to you again. She no longer has the feeling of having physical intimacy with you.

Any time you try to touch her, she moves away from you or warns you not to touch her.

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