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"Don't Push Courtship Beyond 6 Months, There's Nothing Like Dating For One Year" - Pastor David Says

Pastor David Ogbuelli, the Senior Pastor at Dominion City Church, has urged intended couples not to prolong their courtship periods beyond 6 months.

In his message at the recently concluded 2021 Women's Convention, themed Fascinating Woman, the pastor made it clear that Christian ladies should not allow any man to tie them down for more than 6 months with the fake promise of marriage or in the name of courtship and dating.

"There's nothing like a lady has agreed to marry, and to have a relationship with you and you're still adding another one year, another six months," he said during the sermon.

Also advising single ladies, the pastor urged them to avoid wasting the precious season of their life all in the name of waiting for a man to be ready for marriage.

He insists that the love season of a woman starts when she becomes matured at the age of 18, and it will continue to her 20's and 30's and when nothing happens to her, she becomes void.

According to the pastor, even though it's a sad thing today but the reality is that fibroid might start growing in that womb.

He urged ladies not to miss their season of love, which is a period where a lot of suitors will be interested in them. According to him, so many Christian ladies will be forming 'guy', or even looking for Jesus to marry.

"You know you have a whole rainy season to plant but you refused to plant till the dry season, then you start praying for rain to fall" It doesn't work that, ", says.

Pastor David is right as many Christian ladies are still ignorant of this crucial issue. They feel like they still have the whole time in the world even in their late 30's, they waste time disqualifying various suitors who don't meet up their built-up shallow standards or even wasting their time in a relationship with someone they know is not serious about marriage. This is so wrong.

Even though it is generally acceptable for a woman to pursue her career and meet her goals before going into marriage, still you should be careful with the choices you're making at this stage of your life, don't let your life's pursuits get in the way of your marriage.

Dear Intended couples, the Bible says in Ecclesiastes 3:1, "To everything, there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven".

There's time for everything, don't waste your time so you won't start praying for something that was a gift.

Even though people always want to take their time during courtship, to know their partners well before venturing into marriage, but the fact remains that no matter how long a courtship lasts, you can't completely know your partner.

Long courtship periods only encourages secret sins and heartaches. So stop wasting time and go forward with God's leading.

Set reasonable expectations for each other and marriage life, prayerfully ask God for direction and trust him to guide you in all your choices.

Stay blessed.

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