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How I Dealt With My Lazy Roommate.

When I was a student of Uniben, I stayed in 3 out of 4 most popular student residents which include Ekosodin, Halls of residence (the school hostels), BDPA (now EDPA) and Osasogie. In my 100 level, I enjoyed BDPA but due to okada ban in Benin, I moved to the school hostel in my second semester. In my third year, I partially stayed in Ekosodin but still maintained the school hostel. But in my finals, I moved in fully.

Uniben students can attest to the rules and regulations guiding the residents of this community if you want to tell the stories after 4yrs sha. Ekosodin sweet sha. I had a roommate o.

Oh my roomie! If only you knew.

We answer same name, Alex. We were in the same Faculty of Education although different departments. We also live in Onitsha. I like my roomie o. Hmm... That guy sha... Story for another day. He's one in town. We agreed on sharing all bills equally and take turns in the chores and cooking but my roomie is not someone that likes doing house chores neither does he like cooking. He said it and been the good boy that I am, good son of his mother, better pikin with plenty home training, the best chef (argue with your yard people ), I cannot come and disappoint my mummy na. I then decided to be doing the cooking myself and when necessary, he can do the chores and also cook once in a while if he decides to. You know I am a good boy, right? Don't mention. I told you before na.

We always stock up our foodstuffs before coming back or anytime we visit home but we still submit everything in the kitchen once we come back. Roomie had a girlfriend so he likes spending time at her place. He can disappear for days without leaving a trace. Most times, I leave a note on the table for him once his attention is needed for billing things. At times, he comes home just to eat and he disappears thereafter. I do the cooking and dishes, he does the eating and going.

Did I complain? No! I strong abi? Oya wait befor you call me good boy abi Peter's deputy. I planned and did the guy strong thing in my good way but he never knew. If you call me good bad boy here, you might be right. I sucked my guy. He paid in full without knowing. That's the funny part. Here's how it happened...

Once the foodstuffs we brought from home gets exhausted, na buying things o and we agreed on equal share of the money. As per chef, I do the list. Well, you guessed right. I will write both the needed and wanted. I will hype prices or quantity by 2, 2½ and sometimes, I hype it 3 times the normal price or the quantity needed. I practically duped my guy. Don't ask me how. I was an Economics student too and I loved accounting in my secondary school. I'll give him the list, he goes through it, do his recalculations, object on somethings but of course, I'll give reasons why it's needed and still allow him to chose if I get them or not. But I always tell him not to ask me of it when it finishes. After everything, my people, my beloved roomie will now sign and divide the money. He will bring his own share and disappear as usual. I will now sit down and rewrite the list. My roomie ends up paying for almost everything there. At times, I just contribute maybe 100 naira or 200 naira to complete it. (Don't ask me how or why. I cannot come and go and kill my self na. He has to pay me for cooking and doing the dishes. Afterall, common sense no common).

With the real list, I will go to SUG market and buy everything and come back home. I am not his wife. 

Roomie if you're on this space, that was how we rolled. I pity you because if your wife know wetin I know which I know she will learn, you're finished.

Las las, we survived and graduated same year.

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