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Beware, Not Every Kiss Is A Sign Of Love, It Could Be A Strategy To The Enemy - Joshua Selman Warns

Apostle Joshua Selman, the founder of Eternity Network International sends an important message to believers about discernment via a recent video shared to the public.

According to him, The journey of discernment is not about knowing good or evil alone. It's about being in God's will. No Believer can excel consistently when they're bankrupt of discernment. It is important to sustain a level of discernment that can distinguish between good activities and practices mixed with evil intention.

He then warned them that not every kiss is a sign of love because it could be a strategy to the enemy. Just like Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus with a kiss and wasn't even apologetic when he was confronted. He said, "Not every kiss is a sign of love. A kiss that should be a sign of love and intimacy can be a strategy to the enemy. When Judas came and kiss Jesus, Jesus looked at him and said, "You betrayed your master with a kiss." He did not apologize, but just left.

He then said, "For some of you who put your cheeks for everybody (figuratively), you are so fragile emotionally and even when the devil brings his mouth near you, you just believe that every sign of kiss means love. No sir. Every handshake is not a handshake of fellowship. There are handshake that are signals of deception. Every prophecy is not prophecy that edited no matter how it sounds, it is the ministry of the Spirit behind it. It is not everything that glitters that is gold. You need discernment.

Finally, he said that Discernment is the faculty of spiritual perception. It is a state where a Believer’s spiritual organs have been trained to perceive impulses in the realm of the Spirit.

To watch the short clip, Click VIDEO (Fast forward to 3 minutes)

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