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Husband and wife relationship

As A Married Man, It Is Wrong To Discuss Your Marriage With Any Of These 3 People

Marriage like they say is not a bed of roses. It is an institution filled with both pressure and pleasure but untill you get into it, it will be difficult for you to know. Those who are already in it will tell or show you the good side of it but by the time you walk in, you will have a better understanding.

However, one thing that is common among the married people is the fact that they cannot rule out the possibility of dealing with marital challenges that most times threaten the survival of their Union. And in a situation like that, it is normal for them to look for someone to whom they will pour out their minds. 

For instance, if a man is hit with circumstances that dealt a terrible blow with his finances and cripple his capacity to perform his responsibility at home, it is normal for a woman to be pressured to the extent of misbehaving to such a man despite how good he used to be. And as a man, it is also normal to seek advice on how to deal with the situation somewhere. 

When you are confronted with this type of situation, you are not expected to seek advice from any of these three people.

1. Your Ex-girlfriend

Some men still have a good relationship with their Ex-girlfriend despite being married. And in most cases, each of them will want to know what is going on in their marriage. If you discuss your marital matter with her, don't expect her to give you the right advice. She will likely give you hundred of reasons she would have been better than your wife if you had married her then.

Even if she tries to encourage you, it will not be from a sincere heart. In the end, you will further complicate your matter.

2. Your neighbors

No matter how much you are closed to your neighbors, it is not proper for you to discuss your marriage with them. Most neighbors you see around you whom you think they are closed people to you do not really wish you well especially when they notice you have an edge over them financially or maritally.

If you table your matter with them, they will make you feel they are concerned about it or tell you what you want to hear. But there is possibility of them turning you to an object of discussion or gossip in the long run. By the time you mend the broken wall with your wife, you won't be able to re-write the story.

3. Another person you are not expected to discuss her matter with is her friend. The fact that you see a close friend with your wife does not mean she genuinely loves her.

Some of her friends who are married wish their husbands are like her husband and those who are not yet married among them wish they had you. The truth is no marriage is balance or perfect. Every couple only tries to patch it up. People get to know what you go through in your marriage when you say it. If you keep quiet and try to manage it yourself, you will possibly find it more easier to handle.

But when you discuss it with wrong people, you will be misled, misguarded and things will consequently become more complicated for you. In most cases, these three people are not in the best position to meddle in your troubled marriage.

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