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19 Years Old Daughter Of Celebrities, T.I and Ms Niko, Reveals She Is Still A Virgin

The pressure on girls to lose their virginity in their teenage years seems nearly unavoidable for every girl child. This time around, it is not the boys or your boyfriend pressurizing you to have sex, it is your fellow girls who have lost theirs in a rush and excitement.

And the society has made a stereotype that the kids of celebrities are the most spoiled but Deyjah Imani Harris, daughter of American rapper and singer, T.I and Ms Niko, has just proved us wrong.

Deyjah was doing a Question and Answer session on her Insta stories and someone asked her if she is still a virgin and she replied-

"I'm not waiting, no, but I'm also not in a rush to lose it... I'm just not ready right now. A lot of my friends or older cousins be like "nooooo don't need to have experience so you can see what you do like/don't like... you need to know what men like" and then my mum is always like "don't listen to them, do it when you're ready, your husband will teach you what he likes.." blah blah blah.

So I'll probably just listen to my mom on this one.

If I'm still a virgin at 25 (which I'm sure I will be) I'll definitely just wait until marriage (: "

Deyjah is a pretty girl who has come of age and one would think she has numerous boyfriends, but she is still single and waiting for the right man. In her reply, she mentioned keeping her virginity until marriage. And this is so much possible once you decide to stand firm on your word.

More photos of the beautiful Deyjah Imani Harris

Girls, don't be in a hurry to have a Peni$ up your female reproductive organ because of what your friends are saying to you. They only say that because they have lost theirs in curiosity and want you to lose yours the same way. It is not a competition. If you still have your virginity, keep holding it down for the man God has created for you (your husband), and if you don't have yours, it's okay, don't beat yourself about it, but don't also pressurize your peers to lose theirs the same way you lost yours.

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